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Caci Chroma Clear

Avaliable at Ecclesall Branch

Single treatment 45 minutes £38.00
Course of 10 treatments Each treatment: 45 minutes £340.00

Caci Chroma Clear SheffieldThis technology offers anti-ageing hydro regeneration through a combination of vacuum massage, microdermo percussion and micro-vibration, the connective tissue is massaged and the skin is gently stimulated. Chromotherapy and Phototherapy applications (clinically proven to treat acne) leaves the skin glowing and revitalised.

Caci's new skin regeneration treatment, the Chroma Clear system
No two faces are the same, and our therapists see a wide variety of body and facial conditions, from acne and facial wrinkles to stretch marks and body scars.

Caci's new all-inclusive Chroma Clear is a non-invasive system and can comprehensively remedy a plethora of body blemishes and facial flaws.

The Chroma Clear system produces perfectly round quartz silica microspheres to create a painless peeling method, which gently exfoliate by producing a rapid tapping action as they are propelled onto the skin. Their spherical nature is less harsh than the scraping action from the traditional jagged aluminium oxide crystals often used in microdermabrasion treatments, and as they are smaller than the aluminium crystals, they can be used safely on very delicate areas, producing little redness or irritation.

Fabulous Five
The Chroma Clear system has five main functions, all of which are used in each treatment.

Vacuum massage – to be able to function to their optimum level, epidermal tissue cells need oxygen and nutrition from the blood. Vacuum massage brings blood to the surface of the skin by stimulating the epidermal tissue. Blood contains the nourishment, oxygen and energy needed for the epidermal tissue cells to function well.

Microdermo-percussion – a new form of skin peeling to help encourage the turnover of skin cells. As we age, it takes longer for our skin cells to renew themselves. Microdermo-percussion speeds up this process, eliminating the signs of ageing skin cells, such as uneven texture and blotchy colouration, and helps to fill in the superficial cells of the stratum cornea. This function can also stimulate the formation of our own natural collagen.

Microvibration – micro-impulses stimulate the basal layer of the skin, and when used in conjunction with chromotherapy (blue light), this function accelerates cellular renewal and helps to soothe and calm the skin.

Chromotherapy – used to neutralise skin bacteria, cool down inflammations and speed up the healing process.

Phototherapy – this is another term for the red light which can penetrate to a tissue depth of approximately eight to ten millimetres. It is used to increase circulation and activate adrenal glands, producing an anti-inflammatory action that is particularly beneficial in treating wounds, wrinkles and scar tissue. The Chroma Clear System also incorporates a Hydro Smoothing Gel Mask, which contains pure water, hyaluronic acid and collagen, which work together to deeply hydrate the skin. The patented formula forms a tight bond with the skin and works to draw moisture in and prevent water evaporation.


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