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Anti Ageing Treatments

Without Botox Fillers or Surgery

Comcit anti ageing treatmentsComcit

Comcit goes far beyond conventional treatments. This is the 1st time all 3 of these skin rejuvenation modalities have been included in one treatment.

Comcit anti ageing treatmentsExclusively by Crystal Clear. The results are incredible.

Cryo Oxygen - to cool and oxygenate the skin. Micro Channeling Roller - to induce controlled micro-trauma and stimulate collagen growth, creating pathways for production penetration. Product infusion - to push active anti-ageing ingredients into the deeper layers of skin. Puncture Jet Oxygen - to soothe and restructure the skin.

A course of six treatments is recommended to achieve optimum results for your skin. Each treatment continues to work for 14 days. This time period in between treatments is essential. After a course of six your results will last 12 months + increased further with maintenance.

Treatment time

1hr 30

Price per treatment


Recommended course of six Treatments


* Please note there is a thorough consultation to assess your requirements and check for contraindications on your first treatment so please allow extra time.

Crystal Clear Skincare anti ageing treatmentsOxygen Therapy

As we age the oxygen levels in our skin naturally decrease, leaving it less elastic and allowing fine lines to appear. Oxygen therapy provides anti-ageing skin rejuvenation replenishing this lost oxygen with immediate visible results. The secret weapon, Oxygen Serum, is packed with active ingredients which help restore the skin, visibly plumping lines and wrinkles, stimulating cell regeneration for a firmer more youthful look. Spot prone skin will highly benefit from this treatment as the antibacterial effects of the serum reduce the build up of harmful bacteria and the threat of spot scarring.

Treatment time




To complete your Crystal Clear treatment and maintenance let one of our trained therapists advise you on the perfect home care for your skin type.

Dermalogica Facial Mapping anti ageing treatmentsDermalogica Facial Mapping

Dermalogica Facial Skin Care System

1st Treatment 1 1/2 Hours


Subsequent Treatments: 1 Hour


Face mapping is a revolutionary approach to skin analysis developed by the Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. All Dermalogica products are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and have never contained mineral oils, artificial colours, fragrances, lanolin or SD alcohols.

Your first facial mapping experience will involve an in-depth skin and health consultation.

Our dermalogically trained, professional skin therapists use a comprehensive technique to analyse every aspect of your skin, dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of your treatment.

Using face mapping techniques, your therapist defines fourteen distinct areas of your face, each with its own unique needs. By conducting an inch-by-inch methodical analysis your therapist is able to provide an individual prescriptive treatment for you.

You will receive a copy of your individual skin prescription along with samples of prescribed products.


Complimentary consultations are available by appointment on all services.


Skin tests are required for many treatments we offer they are complimentary. You will be asked to complete a consent form. It is also the clients responsibility to inform us prior to any treatment if they are pregnant or suffering from any type of illness which might effect the treatment they require. We can advice on suitable alternatives if relevant.


24 hours notice of cancellation is required.

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